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Quality Policy

“We, at Alom Extrusions Ltd. are committed to satisfy the stated and implied quality needs of our customers through absorption of appropriate technologies and continuous process up-gradation. We are also committed to foster a spirit of pride among our employees regarding the company’s quality performance through training and involving them in continuous improvement.”

Quality Control

We are driven by a Customer focused vision that translates commitment of the Organization into Customer Service. Quality is the corporate culture of ALOM Group. Product quality is assured through checks and controls, but the confidence gets instilled from aptitude, approach and commitment.

Quality Assurance
Our Testing & Inspection facilities to maintain Quality Standards


 UTM Machine  To measure the UTS, 0.2% P.S.


 Drift test equipment with suitable mandrel arranged with UTM machine  To test as per 15:2335-1985
3  Elect. Conductivity Meter type 901  To measure Elec. Conductivity of Aluminium Bus Bar
4  Conductivity test Kelvin bridge principle  To measure Elec. Conductivity of Aluminium Bus Bar
5  Rockwell Hardness Tester  To measure Hardness
6  Spectrometer ARL-2460 Switzerland  To analyze Alloy Composition
7  Ultrasonic Crack Detector  To detect Cracks
8  Micro-vicker Hardness Tester  To measure Hardness
9  Webster Hardness Tester  To measure Hardness
10  Struers  For Micro Structure Analysis
11  Micronstat-ND  To measure Anodic Film Thickness
12  Hydrostatic Pressure Test  To measure Water Pressure up to 30 kg/cm2

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