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Alom Group of Industries constitutes three companies - Alom Extrusions Limited (Kolkata and Balasore Units) and Universal Machines Limited (Kolkata) operating in the field of aluminium extrusion and its value added products along with Alom Poly Extrusions Limited (Kolkata) manufacturing Double Wall Corrugated HDPE pipes.

Alom Group of Companies has been manufacturing aluminium extrusions and its value added products for the last 20 years. We are one of the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturers in India and follow stringent ISO standards to deliver the best quality products to all markets.

Alom has the unique advantage of combining, in a single corporate entity, all activities from manufacturing of aluminium extrusion to fabrication, with all related facilities for surface treatment including anodizing and powder coating.

While the Alom Extrusions Limited units are engaged primarily in extrusion, Universal Machines Limited caters to the value addition segment of the market producing finished items like hardware and accessories for the building and construction industry.
Being a constantly growing company we have also diversified into the manufacturing of double wall corrugated polyethylene pipes for sewage, drainage and cable protection applications.


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